HSC Pension Service administers two pension schemes, the HSC Pension Scheme and the HSC Pension Scheme 2015.

This site contains information for active, deferred and retired members. There are also sections with information useful for employers and medical advisors.

Which Pension Scheme?

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We understand that the current situation around COVID-19 continues to cause significant concern and uncertainty. I wanted to reassure you that at HSC Pension Service we have taken, and continue to take, a number of proactive steps to ensure that we support you during these difficult times.

Our efforts will ensure that in the days and weeks ahead we can prioritise retirement applications, receipt of notifications of bereavements and the processing of pensions payment to our members. As a result, you may notice some disruption to our other services, but we will do our very best to limit this.

It is vital that HSC Pension Service manages resources to keep the phone lines open as much as possible for those in need who can’t get help with their situation online.  That’s proving especially hard at the moment, with so many of our colleagues not being able to come into work.  We are also finding that many of the calls we are receiving are for simple requests that members could go online for.  That prevents us from helping other members who really need to talk to someone.

So, we have a big ask of our members.  Please only call if it is essential and you can’t find the support you need on our website.

Unfortunately, HSC Pension Service are currently unable to accept visitors to the building unless a prior appointment has been agreed.

Public Service Pension Schemes Consultation

The Public Service Pension Scheme consultation to remove the discrimination identified by the courts in the 2015 pension reforms closed on 18th November 2020 by the Department of Finance.

The Department of Finance published its response to the consultation response on 25 February 2021 which can be found by clicking here. The decision has been taken to implement a ‘deferred choice underpin’ which was the approach preferred by the majority of the respondents to the consultation.

HSC pension Service will continue to keep members, employers and other stakeholders informed of all legislative changes as soon as this information becomes available.

You can check all the latest information including FAQ’s by clicking here

Member Self Service

The Member Self Service website is now available and can be accessed by clicking on the link below:


Please see our webpage on Member Self Service which has detailed videos with further guidance on accessing your Member Self Service account.

Please note that access to the portal is only available to members of the HSC Pension Scheme who have access to a computer via the HSC secure network.

The Health and Social Care Coronavirus Life Assurance Scheme 2020

The Minister for Health has announced that staff who are performing vital frontline HSC or social care work during the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak may be eligible for a life assurance scheme, recognising the increased risks they are currently facing.

In the event of a staff member dying due to COVID-19 a lump sum payment of £60,000 will be made to their estate, if they meet the qualifying work-related criteria for the scheme. The scheme is non-contributory, meaning there is no cost to staff or employers.

The Health and Social Care Coronavirus Life Assurance Scheme is independent of the HSC Pension Scheme. Any lump sum or pension benefits payable to the relatives or dependents of HSC Pension Scheme members will continue to be processed and paid as before.

The scheme will be administered by the HSC Pension Service Pension Liaison Team.

Further details regarding the life assurance scheme, including the benefit claim form, are available on the HSC Pension Service website.


On 25 May 2018, regulations governing the use of your personal information changed. The General Data Protection Regulation has been adopted across all European Union member states.  Further information can be found in the link below:

General Data Protection Regulation

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